Sunday, October 30, 2016

Internationl Ride on Seymour Day

So it's basically been raining all of October. Halloween is tomorrow but today the sun came out. Nic and I were on a time crunch today so I talked her into a lap on Severed. I think most of the mountain bikers felt the same thing. 

For those who aren't in the know, a large number of trails have been in jeopardy since the CMHC decided to renew it's no trespassing signs in the area, effectively scaring off the NSMBA from maintenance efforts. Thanks to the efforts of DNV Councillor Matthew Bond, the NSMBA and a lot of written testimonials from the trail users, the CMHC decided to back off. 

Today felt like Victory on Seymour day as a lot of riders came out to celebrate on their recently repatriated trails.

 This is the parking situation at 10:30 am on Sunday.

 It's not often I stop to take pictures of people climbing old buck. But a few things struck me on this ride that I felt like sharing.

Yes it was a busy day on Seymour, but not just with riders. These groups were made up of dog walkers and trail runners and hikers as well. All of us sharing the narrow path. Everyone pleasant to one another. Maybe we all had a reminder recently of how lucky we are to have this in our back yards. And how pointless it would be to pay our premium rents and mortgages without it.

Nic steaming her way up

Tree fallen at the entrance of Pangor
 And then we come across the entrance of Pangor where a tree had fallen across the entrance. Where the angry vocal minority like Monica Craver would say that bikers are destroying the trails I need to make a counter point. That tree was not a part of the trail. It was just there and because of the wind and rain of the recent weeks it finally just fell over. You see, the trails would rot and erode with or without us. It will likely be a subscribing member of the NSMBA who comes up here with a saw to clear the blockage. It is the NSMBA who advocates for trails, maintains them and organizes the most volunteer labour to keep the in working order.

Monica hates us, but she, like so many others who live, have no idea how lucky they are.

Power line muster

 So we start are decent. I take pictures of my wife so I can share them here on a blog that I neglect.
But once in a while I feel fortunate and want to share the story of the day.

We motored home to get ready for a family visit. After which we carved our Jack O' Lanterns for tomorrow . Looking forward to my first adult Halloween in my new home.

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